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Understanding the difficulties students encounter during exams and the limited availability of suitable resources, a dedicated quiz application was developed. This platform aims to provide personalized support, empowering students on their educational path. By offering well-designed quizzes, students can overcome obstacles, boost their confidence, and excel academically.

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Are you passionate about education and seeking an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution? SomeQuiz would like to invite you to join our esteemed team of contributors. Since we are a student-driven e-learning platform, we rely on you to help us expand and enhance our offerings. Take advantage of this chance to influence the future of education and empower learners worldwide. Together, we will build a thriving educational ecosystem.


What they say? 🙌🏼

  • Tharushi Sandamali A.

    Assistant Lecturer


    I am really happy as a lecture that one of my students called Sithija Nelusha who is an IIT foundation student has developed this application according to the knowledge that he has gained by self-studying. This application will be a great help for students who wish to self-investigate and improve their knowledge. I wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

  • Venul Tissera



    I'm thrilled to be part of this educational platform. To simplify complex concepts, test your knowledge with interactive quizzes, and connect with fellow students. Let's unlock your potential together. Happy learning!

  • Menura Maneth



    As a result of this project, all those who are interested in learning more will have the necessary background information. By doing this, you will be able to engage in self-paced learning, unlock your potential, and be successful.

  • Amila Nirmal



    SomeQuiz is a very useful learning resource. I think this is the perfect place for you to solve the problems you face in the tech field and share your knowledge. Stay and improve your knowledge. 😉

  • Dulina Batagoda



    It's a great website I recently discovered. This is a great resource for students. This site offers an extensive range of engaging and well-organized educational content. Studying is more enjoyable and effective with interactive materials such as quizzes and exercises. Definitely worth a look!